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"Mankind needs not only heroes and saviors, it also needs new scientific discoveries and technological breakthroughs. The era of digital technology allows us to solve many tasks with high speed. It is time to conquer all the expanses of cyberspace and make new discoveries with the help of digital technology and give humanity the opportunity to move on to a new stage of evolution."


The founder of the company, the president and the main ideologist Vadim Ivanovich Nazaret about how everything got started:

Nazaret CAPITAL LLC was created on the 4th of July, 2019. The principal activity of the company is software development for the different business areas relating to new-generation IT-sector.

In 2017, the team began active work to promote innovative ideas and has created a unique project that has no world analogues.

"I began my business activities in youth. All tricky situations and difficulties I faced with changed my view of goals achievement and my understanding the meaning of the word "work", both from a philosophical point of view, and in relation to economic results.

I have tried to put my knowledge and skills to work in different spheres and business areas since 2002. Every time I have learned from first hand in the truthfulness of one statement: without the correct marketing, monitoring and comprehensive analytics it is difficult to begin a new business and to succeed in any sphere of action.

Constantly monitoring the market, analyzing changes by means of implementation and improvement of technologies, by way of marketing tools usage (which are actively taking all segments and the directions of our life and are in a great demand), I drew a conclusion: nowadays the guiding principle is a cyberspace, the ready platform for potential audience and partnership today.

Having started more comprehensive analytical research of the market and having studied all available successful mobile applications and platforms in detail, I understood that I am lacking a stand-alone multifunction resource for business. Modern technologies offer users thousands of interactive applications and platforms. But all these digital projects are the real embodiment of developers’ ambitions and just promotional tools in fact. But the stand-alone multifunction business resource is still not created.

Having studied the market, I actively began to work on creation and development of the project in 2017. It could become a collider for all business areas and segments, the unique functional application for all users that is aimed to integrate all main directions in a cyberspace.

Monitoring, analytics paired with the process of all necessary data and statistics gathering was the first working stage. I took a set of polls and managed to make up the unique concept of the project. This product would not have any comparable counterparts in the world. It became my overriding purpose since that time I got the idea how to act further.

Then I pulled together a team of vast-mind specialists who have intimate knowledge of intellectual technologies: analysts; marketing specialists; financial experts; lawyers; developers; designers.

We began to work as a team of like-minded ones on a project of the cross functional multi-platform with self-training artificial intelligence: QWANGY.

Later on down the line I founded the Nazareth CAPITAL LLC, in 2019. The main business activity of the company became software development, full range of services on the basis of intellectual technologies and creation of self-training artificial intelligence. Also the company is oriented towards the set of activities in the following directions: finance; analytics; marketing; business consulting; modern gadgets manufacturing.

The main tasks of the company are technological breakthroughs, creation of unique digital products and next-generation gadgets manufacturing. All these goals and aspirations will help to achieve the goals set by our customers paired with the high positions in the world business. Our made-up strategies lead to success and will allow us to maximize the cyberspace outreach with the main digital technology market share, marketing area, sales and finance.

Our mission is to create the largest charitable fund aimed to help all vulnerable segments of the population, to solve existing environmental problems and protect the biosphere of our Planet.

Humanity needs not only heroes and rescuers. Mankind needs new scientific discoveries and technological breakthroughs. The age of digital technology allows us to solve many problems efficiently and immediately. It is time to scale the vasts of cyberspace and come up with new findings by means of digital technologies. Let’s give Humanity an opportunity to take a quantum leap, starting a new stage of evolution."