Nazaret Capital LLC invests in
its own IT project - QWANGY.

The product development has started in January, 2019.
All QWANGY services are being developed at the same time.


Nowadays there are a lot of new projects. However, many investment, venture and hedge funds are increasingly turning their attention to projects related to information technology, as this sector is gaining high momentum and occupying high positions in the ranking.


The idea for the project originated in 2017. For about two years, the collection of analytical data, market research of IT-products, development of a strategy and selection of specialists took place.


A beta version of the services is under development, launch - February 2020. A productive version of the services is under development, the release is June 2020. Further development of services will be continuous throughout the project life cycle.


We reveal some indicators from the financial model calculated by our staff analysts and financiers.


The margin of the project, taking into account the basic methods of monetization, is 2687% for the estimated period of 5 years, and the payback period is 16 months from the release date.


If you managed to get acquainted with the QWANGY project and are surprised by such high rates of the most ambitious IT product in the world, it may be time to invest in a bright future?


Currently NAZARET CAPITAL LLC is testing and preparing the QWANGY project to launch.


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