Artifical Intellegence

Creating and applying artificial intelligence is a smart solution


he company Nazaret CAPITAL from the very origin, from the beginning of its professional activity, has set a goal to form a team of professionals for the artificial intelligence (AI) development. The best minds and the most talented specialists joined the crew of enthusiasts. All forces were taken to create the platform based on the self-learning artificial intelligence - QWANGY. An innovative project can change users’ visions of today's cyberspace.

After many tests and numerous benchmarking procedures having handled, our qualified development team headed by the founder, president of Nazaret CAPITAL LLC, ideologist and creator of the QWANGY project, we have started to bite on a self-learning artificial intelligence called AIQ.

AIQ uses "tree-like" solution modeling technologies.
The set of technologies to be used have multitasking features,
allowing vast amounts of data to be processed at the same time.
When getting training,
AIQ will recognize
each user's preferences:
  • plans for the purchase of goods;
  • buyer’s unacceptable categories;
  • periods when the consumer is mostly susceptible to make a purchase;
  • price forks that satisfy the customer.
The AIQ system is able to assess
correctly the mood and preferences
of each user.
Among available possibilities are:
Flexibly-managed discounts

from partners, depending on the time the user visits the site;


ads to show;

"On–the-go" adjustment of all recommendations

(of goods, services, etc.) according to the needs of namely each visitor of the site;

A higher-price category goods

from your purchase history could be bought on the installment plan;

Recommendations based

on the list of purchased items of customers’ neighborhood;

Tailor-made media content

use for sales stimulation;

Information sharing

all news about novelties the consumers could disregard;

Help with finding friends

by interest with partners and “twins" selection;

Assistance in the process

of work search and option of the appropriate specialists for the applicant 's company selection;

The project is under development now,
and we will be happy to share our achievements
with you at every stage. The latest news
and details of the process will be available on our website
and other information resources of the company.

We are ready to take orders to create the necessary algorithms for your projects. We have a firm believe that our experience and knowledge will be a reliable support for you.

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