Business consulting

Our consultation is invaluable and only available to our customers

How we help your business to reach new level.
The establishment of “road ap”

the formulation of strategy, target business opportunities; holding strategic sessions, decomposition of goals into management levels.

The formation of corporate culture and human resource capacity of company.

Drawing on the TOP-10 WEF (World Economic Forum) competencies, we develop a model of effective organization leader, make tools for model implementation in your enterprise.

The creation of effective model of the goods and services.

The high level of expertise of development and commercial directors, heads of sales department of our team enables us to firmly recommend our clients the best solutions in terms of sales and marketing.

The development comfortable and friendly atmosphere in the company.

We accompany the ongoing changes, giving the initiative and project team leaders communication and emotional intelligence skills.

The formation of organization’s structure, optimization of state.

Recent advances in business modeling area and Agile allow us to build simple and effective structures.

Training and development of staff.

In our case, there are tools of the line staff (mentorship) as well as the top management structure (group and individual coaching).

Organization of production process.

We own the advanced technologies of Lean, Kanban, Scrum, 5S and are ready to help you by introducing them in your enterprise. We work with eight types of losses.

The establishment of innovative ecosystems for your enterprise.

We help to turn the intellectual activity results into money.

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