Financially investment services

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Financial modeling (FM)

FM is a process of establishment a predictive financial model, that allows for an assessment of effectiveness investment in the project. It takes into account all cash flows over several years depending on different factors. Mathematical, econometric and statistical modeling are based on financial one.

Financial advice

It includes an assessment of the real situation on the enterprise, solutions of money issues, an optimizing of cash and business flows.

Business planning

he definition of goals and ways of their achievement, programs and algorithms development which during the implementation can be adjusted in accordance with the changed circumstances. The outcome: a construct of business plan for the implementation of activities and company’s actions, which should contain information about the company, its goods and production, markets, marketing, the organization of operations and their effectiveness.

Financial analyst services

The goal is an optimization of financial management, increasing of effectiveness of their work, the control of risks analysis, determination of the area of potential investment, searching for development resources, making a qualitative and quantitative assessment of financial state to the counterparts, industry or market as a whole.

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