Your hardware complexes in strong hands

The company Nazaret CAPITAL LLC offers
high-quality services in the following areas:
Service support

("spare parts plus engineers") for EMC/Dell, Hitachi, HP, IBM, Oracle, Cisco equipment with or without Third Party Maintenance (TPM) service.

We have own spare parts warehouse. Almost under any new contract 70% of the necessary spare parts are already in our warehouse. We also have own laboratory with equipment of all large vendors. As a result, we can solve problems “on the cusp” and provide training for the customer 's engineers.

Predictive analytics

(prediction of neural network-based events).Predicting what device and which module will fail within a certain period allows to reduce maintenance costs by transferring part of emergency replacements to preventive ones. It is possible to optimize service infrastructure this way as well. Besides the faults predicting, we have successful experience in assessed value of real estate and demand for products predictions that will be suitable for retail networks.

We have own mathematical apparatus and unique method of service provision as a regular option to count on. Ability to leverage IBM lab technical resources. It is possible to pay a percent of the actual economic effect, having implemented our product.


network technology replacement. Transition from a classic solution for networking and organization of internal services to a model that is fully built on servers. This model is namely focused on internal services of the company. The service is aimed to satisfy the needs of customers with a large number of distributed offices and a regularly changing list of IT-services.

We have own development, with light-touched licensing. Our team is focused on replacing network equipment paired with high-level customer services. The service includes equipment adjustment, training, and 5-year service support.

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