Our marketers, like chess players, know how to make a "move horse"

Our team has an integrated approach

to each vector of business
development and will create
a professional strategy to achieve the main goals:

  • Corporate strategy: mission, business goals, company priorities.
  • Business strategy: company’s portfolio, growth, competition.
  • Functional strategy: assortment, promotion, distribution, price formation, choice of target market.
We successfully operate with all kinds of marketing communications, selecting the tools, which will help to solve such tasks as:
Development and Introduction of Loyalty programs.

Integrated programs in order to increase and develop resales.

ASO text:

it is a text optimization for mobile applications, working in accordance with the rules of platforms hosting these applications. Taking into account the convenience of output to the available search, to make a user understand, be interested in it, download and use the offered to him application.

Press releases:

the creation of information messages about the company's events and news, platform location, in accordance with the rules of professional complication of press releases (catching the headline and goals, lead and main text).

Content marketing:

the creation of attractive texts and convincing story of product on all using platforms in your company, both online (including the use of quality content in advertising companies) and offline.

Contextual advertising:

an integrated approach from strategy development, professional configuration and optimization to the launching and running the advertising internet campaigns with the purpose of increasing sales and productive conversions. Based on the interests of the target audience with the pitting configuration, including all demographic indicators.


a complex site promotion, internal and external optimization in order to output it to the first positions in search engines with the aim of increasing the attendance, a recognition, sales increasing and company profit.

Advertising in mass media.

a strategy development, a type of advertising module, a choice of the relevant media to place them with the aim of getting the effective result of publicity campaign.

Outdoor advertising:

a full cycle from development the strategy of effective media accommodation and promotional platforms in accordance with the company specifics, analytics of all important data and statistics to a layout establishment.

External advertising

(billboards, city format, city boards, pillar, media facades, digital, indicators, etc.).

Internal advertising

(airports, business centers, trade houses, etc.).


is an organizing and conduction of forums, presentations and actions with the possibility of third-party companies’ integration, including state ones.


is a creation and promotion of business accounts in all social networks, starting with an account packing, a strategy development, the establishment of high-quality content, design and presentation of the posts, stories, texts composing, an active work with feedback, collaboration with companies and bloggers, monitoring for the target advertising.

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